May Firewood Event

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Nederland Sort Yard

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Chain Saw Safety Refresher

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Chain Saw Refresher Date. Calling all sawyers looking to brush up on your safety skills. Get your chainsaw cleaned up, sharpened and ready for the season! Coffee & Donuts!

Wildfire Preparedness Workshop

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Wildfire Preparedness Workshop April 27 In this comprehensive Cowildfire workshop, we will present the latest information that will help you prepare for a wildfire in our community. Much continues to be learned after the devastating fires of the last few years, so it is important to stay informed of the current recommendations around how to […]

April Saws & Slaws News

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by Heather Hanson /  Jody Dickson Here in the Wildland Urban Interface, if you survived daylight Savings time, you know it’s a good time to change batteries and replace fire extinguishers. Relocate those buckets, hoses and ladders. Spring is springing. It’s time to get together your hand tools. Maybe get a Pulaski? What’s a Pulaski? […]

Prescribed Burn Tour

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Prescribed Burn Tour April 13 Prescribed burns are one of the most efficient ways to reduce fuels and are meant to mimic the fires that would naturally burn through an area. Find out more about how it is done on this tour by Boulder County Open Space and CU Center for Sustainable Landscapes and Communities.

Chainsaw Skills & Safety Class

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Chainsaw Skills & Safety Class April 6 and 7 This quality, hands-on training will give you the skills you need to effectively and safely use a chainsaw for forest health and property maintenance. Training will be presented in three parts: – Chainsaw Maintenance – cutting safely requires a well running saw. – Chainsaw Safety & […]

March Saws & Slaws News

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by Heather Hanson /  Jody Dickson Did you know the prolonged prevention of wildfires, since the Big Burn in 1910 of Wallace, Idaho, exacerbated the threat of hotter burning, more impactful, deadly megafires?  As explained by photo journalist and wildfire researcher Michael Kodas, prevention has resulted in dangerously over fueled forests. With forty times the […]

February Saws & Slaws News

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by Heather Hanson /  Jody Dickson When is a good time to inventory your home’s contents? Not after a disaster. No-one really wants to think about what they could lose. The prospect of such an undertaking can sound tedious, and likely it can feel overwhelming. Ultimately though, you will get your maximum payout, in minimal […]