Q. What’s with the name?

A. Saws and Slaws is short for chainsaws and coleslaws.

Q. What do you guys do?

A. The short version; we look for neighborhoods that want to fire mitigate, rally a bunch of people together, work hard in the morning then enjoy a community potluck meal by noon.

Q. Who pays for all this?

A. The labor is free. The idea is after your “canyon neighbor” helps you with your property, that someday you will be able to turn around and help him do his. One cost associated may be slash removal. Typically neighbors pool their money together and rent a chipper. Or they may decide to haul the slash away themselves. Another cost might be marking trees.

Q. How do you know what trees to cut down?

A. The Home Owners can either mark their own trees to be cut by following the “creating wildfire defensible zones” guidelines. Or they can ask/ hire a forester to come out and mark the trees for them.

Q. Do you do all the cutting?

A. Nope, we leave the “challenging” trees near the homes or power lines to the professionals.

Q. How do I get Saws and Slaws to come to my neighborhood?

A. After you get 3-6 neighbors on board contact us. We will then discuss your needs and walk your property to see if it is a good fit for all the parties involved.