Boulder County Awards Saws & Slaws 2016 Chipping Reimbursement Funding

Boulder County logoFor a fifth year, Boulder County has most generously awarded Coal Creek Canyon Saws & Slaws with funding to support the chipping that occurs at our events. This year we were honored with funding for both our standard events as well as a couple of curbside chipping events. We have found that the most effective and efficient way to deal with the slash we generate at an event is to chip it onsite. We typically hire a professional in order to benefit from the larger chippers that can process slash very quickly. We can use these Boulder County funds to pay for 50% of the expense of these services. (We also get to claim some of the volunteer hours we accrue as part of the match.)

Consequently, it is more important than ever to get your application in for hosting an event in your neighborhood. Also, we had significant success in launching curbside chipping events last season. This is where we go through a neighborhood to chip slash that is prepared for us by the homeowners. The Boulder County funds include support for two of these events in 2016. If you would like to host such an event in your neighborhood, please contact Jody at 303-642-3568. We very much appreciate Boulder County’s continued support of our program.