Firewood Sales to Support Grant Projects

Saws & Slaws was awarded a grant to do a larger mitigation effort through professional services by the intersection of Camp Eden and Highway 72 (near fire station #2). This is important work because it can have an even larger mitigation impact that effects whole communities. As part of this effort, we need to raise matching funds. If you are interested in purchasing some firewood from us, please contact us. We sell delivered cords of firewood rounds for $150 (unsplit), $200/cord for split wood. It tends to be a blend of green and dry wood due to the make-up of the areas where we are working. (That said, if you have seasoned wood you’d like to donate to us, please contact Jody as well.) Due to the timing of this particular grant, if you are interested in buying “firewood futures” for wood that is delivered for next season, either over the summer or next fall, please let us know.

Cash Donations Welcome

Of course, any cash donations are welcome. If you would like to make a donation, at the top of our home page is a Paypal option to donate or you can send a check payable to “Saws & Slaws” and mail it to PO Box 7353, Golden, CO  80403.

We thank you for your support!