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June Saws and Slaws News

June Saws & Slaws News by Heather Hanson / Jody Dickson
Wildfire Preparedness Workshop Update
On April 27th several of our good citizens gathered at the CCCIA Hall for the Wildfire Preparedness Workshop to learn about best practices in preparing for a wildfire event. Since wildfire is not a if, but when prevision, attendance empowers us to prepare for, minimize negative impacts, and survive beyond the event. Several agencies presented strategies and information including Garret Ball, CCCFD, Aaron Betcher, Jeffco Sheriff, Nate Whittington, Gilpin Office of Emergency Management, Kyle McCatty, Wildfire Partners, Boulder County, Daniel Allen, Colorado State Forest Service, and Norma Jones and Larry Sterling, Gilpin County Animal Rescue Team.
The session was packed with information to help us be good stewards of each of our little pieces of our forests. The event was taped and will be posted to our site post once edited. Also at our site you can download a copy of Nate Whittington, Gilpin Office of Emergency Management’s presentation 15 Months 15 Days 15 Hours 15 Minutes ( Look it over for some great successive, time based actions you might want to know.

May Saws & Slaws Kickoff Event!
In May, we squeezed in a lovely season opener event in between snow storms. We harvested firewood off a site near NADM Road. We had 15 volunteers, six of whom were sawyers. We gathered more than a few cords of wood for firewood in preparation for fall’s firewood sales. I would call it a “warm-up” event, because we certainly felt it! Our chainsaw and slash-dragging muscles did not have the endurance we had at the end of last season. Everything else was old hat and easy! Sign-in, safety, site organization, communication and food! I have to say that it was my *favorite* lunch site of any other I’ve been to at Saws & Slaws! It was tucked in a little off the driveway, near a babbling creek. The sun was breaking through the trees and a few snow flurries fell from the sky as we celebrated our hard work and enjoyed our food together! I know it won’t be long until we are back at full endurance levels. It is more important that we be safe than speedy, but we will get more done when we are back at full endurance by the June event, right!?! Thank you to all our volunteers and the site owner for hosting this great warm-up session!

Safety Tip of the Month: Use Both Hands!
When operating a chainsaw, it is important to have as much control over your chainsaw as possible. If operated from a position of weakness, you are at risk of the saw swinging around, dropping or kicking back… all of which put you at risk of bodily harm. It is for this reason that #1) we always operate a saw with two hands. One hand keeps the saw in control, the other operates the trigger. Don’t take the control hand off the top or wrap around handle while the chain is in motion. If the saw were to kick back with just the trigger hand in place, it will come closer to hitting you. #2) Start the saw on the ground or with the rear handle of the saw secured between your knees or thighs. Do not drop start the saw. Drop starts rely on one-hand attempting to control the saw, so the saw can spin around and hit you. #3) Do not operate a chainsaw above your shoulders. When your arms are raised above your head, they are at their weakest position. If your chain hits something or your arms get tired, you may lose control or drop the saw suddenly… while you are mostly underneath it. In order to keep maximum control of your chainsaw while it is in operation, be sure it is out in front of you, not higher than your shoulders and both hands are on it!

June Events
Slash Days! Important dates to manage your slash.
June 22 – 23 (by Blue Mountain at the mouth of the canyon)
September 21 – 22 (by Blue Mountain)

2019 Season Applications Now Open
Saws and Slaws is now taking applications for neighborhood events for 2019. Now is the time to talk to your neighbors about getting on the schedule for Spring and Summer. Get out, connect with those in your proximity, and vow to get your properties safer and healthier. Got questions? Call Us! (303) 642-0273. .

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As usual, We got a lot done! Photos: Judy Lehmkuhl and Linda Martin