November Saws & Slaws News

by Heather Hanson

It’s November and we had our warning storm. Over here, by the K-8, we got seven and a half inches. Pinecliffe saw nine and a half, and Nederland met with nine point five. Now is the time to get the things you want away from the elements, inside. November is also the time to get your volunteer fire department application in. This year the deadline is November 26th. Volunteer firefighters are the backbone of our safety and wellbeing in the canyon.

Coal Creek Canyon history is full of brave citizenry fighting to keep the canyon prepared for fires. In 1957, “Freelance” fireman, Andrew Nawyn, built a 300 gallon water hauler from oil drums to protect his home and support the volunteer fire department.  The first canyon fire department was raised in conjunction with the Coal Creek Canyon Improvement Association. Formed in 1948, the Coal Creek Canyon Improvement Association was organized to provide fire protection.  Besides these brave men, Coal Creek Women’s Auxiliary of 1952, and Junior Firefighters of 1957 embodied the level of community spirit canyon volunteers possess.

Here at Saws and Slaws we strive to empower the community with education on fire mitigation techniques, tools, and techniques, neighbors and homeowners can implement themselves. This makes the firefighter’s job easier and our community safer from wildfires. Join us at an event, organize your neighbors to apply for an event, or take a chainsaw class. To feel really great, join the Volunteer Fire Department! http://www.coalcreekcanyonfd.org/volunteer/

To read more about the history of the Coal Creek Fire Department you can read Vicki Moran’s book available from the CCCIA. http://www.coalcreekcanyon.org/

Event Update

We look forward to a Winter’s Season of gathering and processing firewood. It’s fun and it’s great exercise! Want to join us? We could really use your help (all levels, kids welcome) 🙂 Email Linda at weecreekers@gmail.com or call (303) 642-0273.

See a super lively time-lapse of chipper and the team buried in slash at the Twin Spruce chipping event in September. https://www.facebook.com/SawsAndSlaws/

November Events

Firewood Orders

Winter is coming, get ‘em in! Split Cords $225 and bucked cords $175. Simply email us at sawsandslaws@gmail.com to place your order. Feel the warmth of supporting your community’s fire mitigation efforts.

2019 Season Applications Now Open

Saws and Slaws is now taking applications for neighborhood events for 2019. Now is the time to talk to your neighbors about getting on the schedule for next Spring and Summer. Get out, connect with those in your proximity, and vow to get your properties safer and healthier. Got questions? Call Us! (303) 642-0273. http://sawsandslaws.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Saws_Application-tfd01-02-19-2018.pdf

Saws and Slaws is a 501(c)3 organization committed to Building Stronger Communities Through A Healthier Forest. Find out more at http://sawsandslaws.org