On April 18, Nederland hosted a Wildfire Preparedness workshop that featured Saws & Slaws.  Alan Brewer presented to the attendees about the opportunity of hosting a Saws event in their neighborhood.  The workshop also included a presentation from Irene Shonle, Director for the Gilpin County Office of CSU Extension http://www.extension.colostate.edu/gilpin/.  She discussed specific “tools in the toolbox” of mitigation, including the ongoing maintenance of work already done. It was very important information to consider while planning the work we do around our homes.  While making those decisions, we need to be conscious of the outcome we want from the specific treatments we do.  We need to take into account the impact we have not just on our own homes, but on our neighbors’ homes, the forest and our community as a whole.  At the workshop we also heard from representatives of the Nederland fire department http://www.nfpd.org/ about the work firefighters do in the event of a fire and preparing for evacuation.  It may seem obvious, but the more we do preparing for any sort of evacuation then the more likely we will be able to effectively evacuate.  We are more likely to have the things we aren’t willing to lose and know what we need to do to ensure our friends and family are safe. Finally, we heard from the Town of Nederland about keeping our yards and homes clean of trash.  It is all fuel for a fire inside or outside the house, so if you don’t need it… get rid of it! Many great tips and much food for thought was shared in this two-hour program.  To find out about more programs like these, please visit our website and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SawsAndSlaws?fref=ts