Saturday, May 16, 2015


Thanks to the combined efforts of the good people at Blue Sky Mountain Ranch, Saws and Slaws folks from Coal Creek Canyon and Sugarloaf, Volunteers from AmeriCorps , and Whispering Pines Church, we were able to treat about an acre of forest with 8 sawyers and 16 swampers! Kevin and Jennifer Russell, the owners of Blue Sky Mountain Ranch, hope to be our Saws and Slaws Champions for the Gilpin County area. Our vision just keeps growing… !!


We had some people joining us for the first time. Thank you to Daniel from Blue Sky and Brian from CCC. Plus there were plenty of familiar faces and hard earned orange Saws and Slaws shirts present!  The food was catered by Manly BBQ and was delicious, despite the light hail that intermingled with it on our plates 🙂


We learned a lot at this event, just as we always do! The weather was a factor in our success and we learned to keep tabs on it using reliable weather sources. We will try to have a Plan “B” for if the weather changes and we also learned that it is important to confirm the project status with all participants if the weather is at all iffy. We used 2 way radios to communicate and that streamlined things considerably.  Once again, the first aid kits remained unused and we all had a great time. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!!