We are excited the work has begun on our larger community project on Camp Eden Road! We’ve spent the last few months getting all our ducks in a row, including building the specific forest management plan, taking the before photos, signing contracts, buying insurance, and prepping the heavier-duty equipment. While a relatively small area, there is some significant diversity on the site, so our plan is to maintain that diversity. Some areas are designated for patch cuts where we will remove all the trees in that space to open it up and allow ground plants to flourish. We hope to get a few small meadows established. Other areas are designated for aspen enhancement where we will make the conditions ideal to encourage significant and healthy aspen stands. Finally, some areas will have selective thinning where we will help the existing Douglas Fir and lodgepole pine trees by removing the sub-dominant trees. There is a lot of standing dead trees in this treatment area, too, which will be removed. Even if you don’t see the work being actively done or hear the chainsaws, I promise you will be able to see the forest be transformed!

By keeping these pockets isolated and separated by aspen areas and patch cuts, we can preserve the forest while creating fire fuel breaks and reduced fuel loads. One of our primary goals is to protect the ability for the residents in the Camp Eden community to be able to get out and the fire fighters to get into the community in the event of a fire. The Camp Eden community has multiple points of egress, but Camp Eden Road serves as a major one and this project will help ensure our ability to use it in the event of a fire.

As I mentioned in previous articles, this project is largely being funded by the State of Colorado through a Wildfire Risk Reduction grant program. But like many grants, the state is looking for the community to be invested in the work as well through a commitment of matching funds. This is where you come in! We have two major fundraising components built into our proposal to the state. The first is firewood sales. We will be selling wood generated from the site as firewood for $150 a cord delivered. The wood will be bucked into round firewood (AKA it will NOT be split.) We will begin to have firewood available by September. If you are interested in purchasing a cord, please contact Jody Dickson, jody@dickson.org, 303-642-3568. We are taking pre-orders now. (We are also contributing matching funds through volunteer labor to prep and deliver this wood. If you are interested in helping in that capacity, please contact Jody for that as well!)

Second, for those of you who don’t need firewood, but want to support the project, please just donate money. We committed to raise $1,750 in matching cash funds. For perspective, this is a $30,000 project where we are receiving $15,000 in grant funds. The rest is matched through volunteer time, these two fundraising efforts and funds provided by the property owners. Relatively, we are not asking for very much from the community to make this project possible. You can make a donation online using Paypal at the bottom of this page or you can send a check made payable to TEG and mail it to Saws & Slaws c/o TEG, PO Box 7014, Golden, CO 80403. Either way, please designate that you want your donation to go towards the Camp Eden Road project. We will send you a receipt for your tax deductible donation. Business and organization sponsors will be recognized in future articles about the project. Please donate today… or if not today let us know when you can!

Donate today to support to the Saws & Slaws Camp Eden Road Project

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