By Jody Dickson

This March, we hosted our first Chainsaw Skills & Safety class.  Every year we host one of these classes for people to learn about safely operating a chainsaw at either their home or at Saws & Slaws events.  Our interest in this particular class was OVERWHELMING!  We had 18 participants in the class we hosted in March, and we easily have enough interest in the class to host another beginner class this year.  (Current plans are to host this class in May, so stay tuned for more details!)  It is so exciting to have this much interest in being a sawyer at Saws & Slaws events as well as those who just want to know how to operate their chainsaw at home safely.  Even experienced chainsaw operators say that they have learned a lot from our beginner course.  We will be offering more field work time for those who participate in the class in March, and then we also have our refresher and advanced class scheduled for April.  (See below).  Meanwhile, we look forward to working with the March class graduates at future Saws events!

Thanks go to the Coal Creek Canyon Fire Department for allowing us to hold the classroom portion of the event at Station 2.


saw class