On Saturday, June 13, 2015, ~44 volunteers from the Colorado counties of Boulder, Gilpin, and Jefferson, and beyond came together in a community building effort to perform fire mitigation on a total of three properties in Wondervu.  Our hosts were Gavan and Cindy Goodrich, who moved to their mountain home in the past year.  As many may know, Gavan serves the Coal Creek Canyon area youth as part of his daily work as principal of Ralston Valley High School.

The Saws and Slaws leadership team extends a very warm and sincere “thank you” to all of our volunteers.  Whether Canyon residents or otherwise, YOU make a difference.  Including our Canyon residents, our volunteers included five Americorps – Corporation for National and Community Service members (Lauren Buczynski, Jackson Narburgh, Nicholas Hunter, Connor McNulty, and Reilly Starrett) who, regrettably are finishing their program in July 2015 and will be returning to their respective homes across the country, as well as many first time volunteers. Reinhard Drefenstedt from Germany wins the “virtual” award for the volunteer who traveled the greatest distance to lend a helping hand.

After completing mitigation, which included felling of trees, as well as chipping of MANY cubic yards for the three properties, we enjoyed a mountain BBQ event hosted by Gavan and Cindy Goodrich at their home.  We shared our stories, as well as lessons learned from the Goodrich’s deck with a priceless view of the Continental Divide.