At our September event, we learned about making burn piles. This was an exciting first for us and we’re happy to experience this alternative form of mitigation removal with our volunteers and homeowners.

According to Boulder County’s Guide to Burning, here are some tips for constructing a burn pile:

  • Place branches in pile with THICK/BUTT ENDS UPWARD AND INWARD. This will place the largest part of the branch into the area of greatest heat, increasing consumption of material.
  • Build your pile no larger than 6 FEET TALL and 6 FEET IN DIAMETER.
  • Piles should be shaped like a CONE, a CYLINDER, or a MOUND. Conical piles will consume material more completely and more efficiently than any other shape.
  • Piles should be DENSE. If your pile is well-built, you will not be able to pass your fist through it.
  • Let your pile sit for at least ONE YEAR, but no longer than TWO YEARS before burning. A green pile will give off copious amounts of smoke and won’t consume well. An overly-dry pile will burn too hot and fast to be safe.

Prior to burning, you MUST:

  • Obtain a burn permit from the Coal Creek Canyon Fire Department and the County in which you reside.
  • There must be at least 5″ of snow on the ground and in the surrounding 30′ (in the mountains).
  • You may NOT burn during a high wind warning or watch, red flag warning, fire weather watch, air quality action day or burn ban.
  • Check with the Fire Department and the County in which you reside for all the details about burning!

Here are the pictures from our event:

The Lane & Pine event – Sept 9, 2017

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