Saws and Slaws March News

As we approach March 2021, it might seem like several years have gone by since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, it has been an arduous and lengthy struggle to combat the virus and protect our most vulnerable communities. We have shown incredible resiliency in the face of the worst worldwide health crises in over a century. Webster Merriam dictionary defines resiliency as: “the ability to recover from or adjust easily to adversity or change.” Small mountain communities across Colorado and the West have used this resiliency, whether they knew it or not, to adapt to pandemic life and how it has changed our daily livelihood and possibly, how it has changed life for the future. This pandemic has been horrible in every aspect but has also brought out resiliency in each one of us, our neighbors, and our communities. Think of how much you have grown or adapted since the beginning of this pandemic! Think of your place of work or the businesses that have changed to continue serving the community. The pandemic has shown the ability we all have to respond to adversity.

This resiliency is no different than the resiliency demonstrated by communities facing this year’s wildfires. As wildfires burned across the state and Colorado’s Northern Front Range this summer and fall, we saw community members dropping everything and traveling considerable distances to support the evacuation of livestock who were unable to be evacuated at first. We saw community members organize crowdsource funding for individuals in need after losing everything in these fires. And now, as we look to recover from some 200,000 plus acres of the burned area, we look to the future and how we can best prepare our lands for the years to come. We need to make sure we remember that our resiliency is an incredible power within ourselves and our communities. This resilience will be one of our most effective tools in the future when mitigating and combating wildfires.

Short Coal Creek Community Needs Survey

Hey Folks, Saws and Slaws would love to hear from you. We created a short questionnaire that should not take more than 5 minutes. We would appreciate it if you filled it out. We will be using the questionnaire to guide the outreach and engagement of the Coal Creek community, and it also helps Saws and Slaws see how to best support the community.

Link: or follow the link at
Thanks for your help!

March Events
2021 Season Applications Now Open
Saws and Slaws is now taking applications for neighborhood events for 2021. Now is the time to talk to your neighbors about getting on the schedule for Spring and Summer. Get out, connect with those in your proximity, and vow to get your properties safer and healthier. Got questions? Call or email Us! (303) 642-0273

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