• Drought and Wildfire Prep in the Peak to Peak Region

    Join the first webinar of our summer series! Learn more about drought and wildfire forecasts and wildfire preparations, local fuel models, and why home ignition zone and defensible space mitigation are essential to protect your home and neighborhood in the Peak-to-Peak Region. It is hosted by the Gilpin County CSU extension, Saws and Slaws, and the Boulder Watershed Collective. Below is the registration link to access!! Register in advance for this meeting: https://extension.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwvcuurpzsrGNBzt4Z5D_exWxIJGlkPepfM

  • Colorado Wildfires 2020 Webinar Series – Colorado Climate Change: Russ Schumacher, Associate Professor of Meteorology, Colorado State Climatologist

    Interactive webinar series with a varied host of speakers that will outline various aspects of the 2020 wildfire season. –by CSU, SRFSN, Forest Stewards Guild About this Event NOTICE: Webinar link will be at the bottom of your confirmation e-mail. Link is the same for all webinars. Once registered you may use the same link to attend other webinars. If you have trouble registering, please e-mail Gloria.Edwards@Colostate.Edu . Record-breaking wildfires were just one of the remarkable things about 2020. What factors contributed to these catastrophic fires? In this interactive webinar series, we will be discussing several aspects of the 2020 wildfire season. This series will draw from a variety of…