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    Saws & Slaws News March

    A LOT of Opportunity and Activity! – by Jody Dickson SO much is going on right now around wildfire preparation and mitigation which is very exciting to see.  As I mentioned last time, we are preparing for our summer season at Saws & Slaws.  The first events are getting scheduled.  We still have spaces available, so if you are interested in hosting an event in your neighborhood this summer, please contact us at SawsandSlaws@gmail.com or call Linda Martin at 720-326-7739.  We are also planning our Chainsaw Skills and Safety class for this spring.  In order to be a sawyer at one of our events, it is required that you take…

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    Saws & Slaws News December

    Celebrating 2022 by Jody DicksonWe always like to take a little bit of time at the end of the year to celebrate another year of Saws & Slaws! We had another excellent year with five regular events doing good fire mitigation work throughout the Coal Creek Canyon community. Officially, we had over 275 volunteered hours of service which represents a value of almost $7,000 of work. Our volunteers don’t get paid, but as you can see there is significant value in what they do! It is important that we recognize that. We had 50 unique volunteers at these events. Not everyone needs to volunteer at every event. We can share…

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    Saws & Slaws News November

    November Update by Jody DicksonAs is often the case, unfortunately our October event had to be cancelled due to high winds that day. We plan to get back there early next season. We’ve been knocking out some of those smaller projects that we had on our list to do. Mostly it has been chipping slash piles and then hauling the chips away! As we mentioned last time, if you’ve been waiting for us and haven’t heard from us in a while, please don’t be shy about giving us a reminder!! Email sawsandslaws@gmail.com or call us at 303-588-6639 By the time this issue prints, Jeffco Slash collection continues for one more…

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    Saws and Slaws News October

    What IS a Saws & Slaws Event? by Jody Dickson & Linda MartinMaybe you’ve heard of Saws & Slaws before but don’t know exactly what we do. Saws & Slaws is a community organization that brings neighbors together to do wildfire mitigation and attend to the health of our forest. We do that primarily by organizing monthly events every month Mother Nature allows! Our ‘legacy’ events are typically three to four neighboring properties where we work at whatever needs done for four hours. This can be felling trees, hauling and chipping slash, raking around a home, week-wacking weeds or more. Volunteers make it possible to get a large amount of…

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    Saws & Slaws September News

    What to do with that slash!?! by Linda Martin & Jody DicksonSaws & Slaws has been chugging along this summer and we still have plenty to accomplish. We have been really excited to be debating the ever present question “what is the best thing to do with the slash?” Believe it or not, there seem to be multiple answers and lots of variables to consider. Slash is a pain in the ash. It’s the bain of fire mitigation and takes a lot of energy, time and money to deal with. Here are all the choices (see where you would lie on the spectrum): – cut tree and process firewood, leave…

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    Saws & Slaws August News

    Application of Fire Ecology by Jody Dickson & Linda MartinWhen we are deciding what work we need to do in order to be effective, it helps to have a basic understanding of fire ecology and behavior. Fire ecology looks at fire’s role within an ecosystem, including when and why a wildfire happens as well as the impacts of that fire on the ecosystem. We know that our particular forest ecology is fire-dependent which means there are native plant species that NEED fire in order to be healthy. Since animals, including humans, depend on plants, the plants being healthy is necessary for us and wildlife to be healthy as well. However,…

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    Saws & Slaws July News

    We are excited for summertime and our 2022 summer season being in full swing. Our June 11th event went well, despite the heat and steep slopes. We worked in the area around Lionel Lane and Coal Creek Heights Dr. We processed a lot of tall trees, so it created a lot of logs (and firewood. See below.) We got slash out of the forest and hauled a few loads to the Nederland sort yard. An especially big thank you to our drivers who made the trips over to the sort yard. This batch was mostly dry and dead, and we acknowledge that is the hardest stuff to load and unload!…

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    Saws & Slaws June News

    Fantastic Start to the Season May was an amazing start to our 2022 season. At the very beginning, we hosted our Spring 2022 Chainsaw Skills and Safety class. We hold this class every year as it is a requirement for being a sawyer at one of our events but also to give everyone a chance to learn more about operating a chainsaw safely and effectively. This year we had a couple of people from not associated with any group, a small group from Axe & Snax, our peers in Gilpin County, and another person from the Crescent Park Community Fire Protection Agency. It is great that we can share the wealth…

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    Saws & Slaws May News

    Back in the Saddle (and ready to go!) Saws & Slaws (short for Chainsaws & Coleslaws) is heading into its 12th season! We are so excited to get back to some seasonal fire mitigation and we hope you are ready to help us! For those of you who are unfamiliar with our different styles of events, I will lay it out once again. Each summer we try to schedule 5 “Legacy” events. These are generally large events where more than one property has trees to take down and slash to remove or chip in place. We bring between 20-30 volunteers in for 4 hours, Sawyers, Swampers, Loaders, and Truck/trailer drivers.…