• Saws and Slaws Chainsaw Class 2019

    May Saws And Slaws News

    by Heather Hanson / Jody Dickson Saws & Slaws Chainsaw Skills and Safety Class 2019There couldn’t have been better weather for the two day Chainsaw Skills and Safety Class for 2019. Everyone gathered at Fire Station #2 to learn how to safely use and maintain our chainsaws. In the class, we learn to break down our saws, clean and sharpen them, what protective gear to have, and the best part, how to make cuts and fell a tree! It is really empowering to have these skills in your mountain resident arsenal. If you didn’t attend our Spring session you definitely will want to make time for the next one! Thanks…

  • Fire Mitigation Events

    April Saws & Slaws News

    by Heather Hanson /  Jody Dickson Here in the Wildland Urban Interface, if you survived daylight Savings time, you know it’s a good time to change batteries and replace fire extinguishers. Relocate those buckets, hoses and ladders. Spring is springing. It’s time to get together your hand tools. Maybe get a Pulaski? What’s a Pulaski? A pulaski is a hand tool used by firefighters to create a fire line. Part axe and part adze this solid manual tool is handy for breaking up compacted soil around your house. Do you have a pulaski? Post it to our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SawsAndSlaws/) and join us this weekend, at a discount, for the…