Saws and Slaws Progress for 2015

Saws and Slaws
By Linda Martin, enthusiastic Sawyer
Mountain Messenger, Sept 2015

Happy September!

The team at Saws and Slaws has continued to be productive again this season helping neighbors with their forest health and fire mitigation and we will keep working on it as long as the weather allows. Last month we did Round 2 in the Hilltop neighborhood and the neighbors there are very pleased with the sheer amounts of fuel removed from their collective forest. A big thanks to Dave Pence who has been a part of the S&S family for many years but as a homeowner in the neighborhood, took extra initiative to make sure his neighbors were informed, involved, and successful. It sure made the project easier as well as more effective.

Jody Dickson headed up our first ever Curbside Chipping event in the Copperdale/Rudi Lane neighborhoods. The event was successful, as homeowners dragged their slash to the road and we chipped it then and there. I believe we visited 9 slash piles. Number 10 looked like good kindling for me to use in the Firewood Project 😉 This service came affordably to the participants, as we were able to get a grant from Boulder County to assist us in paying for the chipper. At $30 for 20 minutes, with plenty of volunteers there to feed the chipper, it was definitely a great way to mitigate! You might be amazed at how much slash we can chip in 20 minutes!! WAY more than a large load for Slash Days!

September’s Saws and Slaws event will be on Tunnel 19 Rd (9/12) and October will find us in the Chute Rd. area. If you think your neighborhood could benefit from an S&S event, please let us know! Cesar (303) 818-7897, Jody (303) 642-3568, or Linda (303) 642-0273 are among many other core team members who would love to answer your questions. Our website is experiencing some technical difficulties but when it is back up, it is an excellent source of info for you: . “Like” us on Facebook to stay current, too!

Jeffco Slash Days this month are September 26/27 down near Blue Mountain on Hwy 72. There are also efforts afoot to do curbside chipping in the Twin Spruce neighborhood (hoping for weekend of Oct 3) and Spruce Canyon Drive (hoping for weekend of Oct 10)
The Firewood Project is still going. If you have logs you would like to donate, please let us know. If you or someone you know cannot afford firewood this season, please talk to us. Thanks and have a great month!!