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2020 Totals for Wildfire

What a year for fire danger in the Urban Wildland Interface! In Colorado we had ten wildfire incidents of note. 2020 saw three record breaking fires in Colorado with over 620,000 acres (1000 square miles) burned overall. Starting on the last day of July, the dry, arid summer ushered in 2020’s wildfire season. In order of size, the incidents are as follows:

8/23 Thorpe Fire 159 acres

10/18 Lefthand Canyon Fire 460 acres

10/19 Ice Fire 596 acres

10/17 Calwood Fire 10106 acres

8/14 Williams Fork Fire 14833 acres

10/06 Middle Fork Fire 20517 acres

8/10 Grizzly Creek Fire 32631 acres

7/31 Pine Gulch Fire 139007 acres

10/14 East Troublesome Fire 193812 acres

8/13 Cameron Peak Fire 208913 acres

Coming into December, four of the fires are still in their containment phase. They include Cameron Peak (8/13) at 92%, East Troublesome (10/14) at 72%, Grizzly Creek (8/10) at 91%, and Calwood (10/17) at 85% (

Climate change and a lack of forest management are the biggest contributors to our risk. We can take steps to combat our exposure through mitigation. Now is the time to make plans to fortify our canyon forest’s health and safety in 2021.

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