Earn It

Super Man had his red cape and a big “S” on his blue uni-suite.  It no doubt helped him to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, and bounce bullets off his chest.  Check out our new super hero “uniform,”  donated by Linda Martin, of Wee Creekers and printed by the awesome folks at American Dream Silkscreen Company. It doesn’t bestow any super hero powers  to its owner. But it will help  protect you from brier and branches, as well as allow you to be safely seen in the forest. And it also says, “I’m a SUPER CHAMP,” because the only way you can get this long sleeve shirt is by earning it!   Anyone who volunteers over 20 hours at any Saws & Slaws events or participates as a board member gets the honor of wearing this fine shirt.  Come join our active community and earn it.