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July Saws and Slaws News

The Flowers Are Out!

So beautiful. Seems a shame to clear them out for the sake of your home’s defensible space right? But defensible space is crucial to your home’s survival during a wildfire. I know it tugs at your heart strings, but it’s worth it. Start your fire breaks in your 30 foot radius and work outward to 100 feet. Maybe bring the fresh cuts inside for a vase, press them, or make some ink or dye to enjoy them longer. Wondering about your fire risk? Boulder County is doing free assessments from the road. To schedule a home evaluation contact them at


Safety Tip of the Month:

Buddy Up!  Nothing keeps you safer than having a partner with you while you work!  Your buddy can help you notice any safety risks, especially those that pop up while you are working.  He or she can be someone to discuss approach when you are trying to plan how you are going to fell a tree or if you run into a hang-up (pardon the pun) they can help you problem solve.  And, in the worst case scenario, the person can help you and get help if something happens to you.  If you get injured, every second counts, so someone being there will ensure you get help sooner.  On a lighter note, it is more fun and more satisfying to have a friend with you while you work.  It lightens the load and helps the work be done faster!  The next time you are out in the forest working away, be sure to bring at least one buddy!


July Events

We have a Saws & Slaws event on Saturday July 13th.  We’ll be working on protecting the egress in Crescent Park.  We’ll publish details on the website and Facebook, so stay tuned for details.  We hope to see everyone there! 


2019 Season Applications Now Open

Saws and Slaws is now taking applications for neighborhood events for 2019. Now is the time to talk to your neighbors about getting on the schedule for this Summer. Get out, connect with those in your proximity, and vow to get your properties safer and healthier. Got questions? Need Funding? Call Us! (303) 642-0273. .


Saws and Slaws is a 501(c)3 organization committed to Building Stronger Communities Through A Healthier Forest. Find out more at and Join Us!


Chainsaw Skills and Safety Class of 2019 with all their fingers!