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Saws and Slaws Welcomes Nathaniel Goeckner!

Hello! My name is Nathaniel Goeckner. I will be working with Saws and Slaws and I am very excited to meet the community members of Coal Creek Canyon. Until I get to meet all of you, I wanted to give you some information about myself so you can get to know me!

I will be finishing my master’s degree at the University of Colorado Boulder this December. I specialized in Sustainable Planning and Public Land Policy while at CU. I am originally from Wisconsin and grew up in a small town outside of Milwaukee. Growing up I loved hiking and playing in the hardwood forests that surrounded my home. This experience truly developed into my passion for the environment. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for my bachelor’s degree and studied natural resource management. From there I spent a couple seasons working for the Bureau of Land Management in Wyoming and Idaho as a wildland firefighter and as a wilderness ranger. I then decided to move to the Front Range to be closer to family and friends. I first moved to Longmont where I took a position as an arborist to further my knowledge of trees (I also love running a chainsaw). When I moved to Boulder, I took a management position with the City of Boulder’s Volunteer Services and really got to see how much volunteering can do for the community! I decided to go back to school to pursue a career that allowed me to have a greater voice in protecting our forests and the people that live in them. As well as working with Saws and Slaws I am also working with the Boulder Watershed Collective who works to protect and restore the health and function of the Boulder Creek watershed which includes the Coal Creek watershed. In my free time I enjoy woodworking, hiking, mountain biking, photography, flyfishing, and rock hounding.

Some of the goals that I have for the Saws and Slaw program is continuing the promotion and recruitment of volunteers. Facilitating future projects and outreach to stakeholders within the community and most importantly creating a sustainable framework to continue the legacy of this program. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns! Thanks!

Event Updates
Saws & Slaws held our Chainsaw Safety Class on Oct 10. Attendees learned about chainsaw maintenance, safety and protective equipment. Presented by Eric Philips, Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, Rocky Mountain Resource Protection and Eric Folwell, Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, Rocky Mountain Resource Protection NWCG ENGB, everyone got to practice a little tree felling and cutting skills. Saws and Slaws holds our classes every year so if you missed this one, look for it to happen again in 2021!

John Paul, Norval, Nancy, Heather, Linda, Jody, Chris & Heather saw to it that Saws and Slaws had another successful Slash Days weekend. Dan Schulz, Kathleen Henningsen, Nancy Gerecht, Norval Olson, Jane Marsole, and Linda Martin tackled firewood processing by bucking and splitting firewood for the coming cold weather firewood orders. Thanks Everybody!

Chainsaw Safety Class October 10. 2020